'Woooo!' LeBron reveals passion for Ric Flair

By Ira Winderman

South Florida Sun Sentinel

"Wooooo!" It was the sound that resonated from the Heat locker room after Wednesday's victory over the Bobcats. All that for the Bobcats?

Sure, when Ric Flair was leading the chorus.

Whether it was the Hornets during their days in Charlotte or now the Bobcats, one of the constants has been the presence of local wrestling hero Ric Flair.

While the Hornets tried to appropriate Flair's trademark "Wooooo!" scream with their move to New Orleans, it is in Charlotte where the chant resonates, dating to Flair's Legendary NWA and WCW days in the region.

It did during Wednesday's game at Time Warner Cable Arena.

It did after the game in the Heat locker room, when Flair paid a visit.

LeBron James was still grinning after Flair gave a thumbs up and departed.

"I mean, when I was a kid, I loved wrestling," James said. "He was one of the guys I loved, too.

"I think he's probably one of the creators of what we call swag these days, with the Rolexes and the stretch limos, and all the girls and all that stuff.

"He's like the creator of swag, Ric Flair definitely kept me watching TV."




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