Hello everybody, I want to inform all of you the changes that are going on with the Guestbook, first off let me thank everybody who has signed the Guestbook and have e-mailed me with your comments and questions and stories about your life as a Ric Flair fan. I appreciate every one of them more then you will ever know and I always tried my best to e-mail each and every one of you back as often as i could.

Now we move on to a new stage with the Website and the Guestbook and that is what I am going to explain now. I have been getting several e-mails from some of the regulars who post on the Guestbook about some issues that have been getting in the way of you all having a mature sensible message board and it leaves me no choice but to listen to all of you being that without each and every one of you the message board would not be as popular as it is.

I will list a issue that gets in the way of you all having sensible conversations and this is no offence to any of my friends out there but sometimes my friends who get impatient with me if they have not heard from me in a couple days like to post on the Guestbook reminding me to call them or ask me questions like "Where are you at David" and telling me to call them and even some have even even vented their frustation at me on the Guestbook as mostly a way of picking on me but nonetheless it has got in the way of having a mature sensable conversation that should mostly be about Wrestling and Ric Flair.

Both Cindy and I have stated many times that the Guestbook is a place to talk about the main subject at hand and that is Wrestling and Ric Flair. My personal life should have stayed out of it but you know how it is when you date someone and the relationship ends and that person is vengeful and they know a way to get back at you is to say something about you in front of people who respect you, it is their way of getting back at you, I never worried about what all my best friends would think because they know the real David but what worried me was the people who didn't know me, "What would they think? Would they actually believe the lies?

When you are a webmaster of a website you don't do everything you want to do, you listen to the people who visit and support your website and listen to what they have to say, a few months ago I got my first e-mail from someone who gave me a idea that at the time I didn't consider, but then over the last couple weeks I have received  more e-mails from people wondering if there was a way I could have a message board with the only comments coming from Mature people who are true Ric Flair fans.

I thought about it for awhile and then Misty (one of my friends) came up with a idea and I ran it by several of the regulars who sign the Guestbook and they liked it so this is what we are going to do. For now there will be no Guestbook and instead of signing the Guestbook I want everyone of you to e-mail me with your comments and suggestions and really anything you would have said on the Guestbook I want you to say in a e-mail sent to me and when I receive several at a time I will post them on a New page called "Flair Fans Message Board"  which will be near the top of the Navigation."

Remember you can e-mail me at anytime and talk about anything you want to talk about as long as it has to do with Pro Wrestling and of coarse Ric Flair, a easy way to look at this is just click on my e-mail address pdmjr26@aol.com and pretend that my e-mail is the Guestbook and talk away. It is that simple, I can't really tell everyone how often I will post the messages because I will have to go by how many e-mails I get. Just keep a eye on the new page and support us on this, I know some of you will not like it but from the positive e-mails I have received I know that a lot of you will. 

So if you have comments about my site, Wrestling, Ric Flair or anything sensable then please e-mail me at pdmjr26@aol.com and post your comments there and I will post them accordingly. Please let me know what name you want to go by, if you don't wan't me to use your name then that is fine too but let me know what you want to go by. Thank You very much and i am looking foreward to hearing from you. How about a Woooo from the Webmaster. Wooooooooooooo! 



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