A few weeks ago it was reported that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin informed Vince McMahon that he wanted "Nature Boy" Ric Flair to be the one to induct him into the WWE Hall Of Fame on April 4th at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. When that announcement was made it made a lot of "Flair" fans very happy including me. I felt like Steve Austin deserved to get his wish knowing the huge amount of respect that he has for Ric Flair.

          Last week plans abruptly changed when we heard that Ric Flair would not induct "Stone Cold" into the Hall Of Fame and it left people wondering why Vince McMahon wouldn't do what was right for "Flair" and "Stone Cold" when it would clearly be in his best interests to do so. Then a couple days ago there were more news reported about why Ric Flair wouldn't be inducting Austin into the Hall Of Fame and it became very apparent as to why all these things are happening like they are.

          It has not been made official by WWE yet but the strong rumor out there right now is that the reason Ric Flair won't be inducting Steve Austin into the WWE Hall Of Fame is because he will be inducting the Legendary Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat instead. I as Webmaster to this website say a big loud Wooo to this piece of news if it does occur.

         Rumor is that Steamboat told Vince McMahon that he wanted Ric to induct him if he was chosen to be a member this year. There will be no problem whatsoever with Austin over Flair inducting Steamboat instead of him if it happens as we all know the tremendous amount of respect that Steve Austin has for Ricky Steamboat. Flair would have enjoyed to induct Austin but all wrestling fans know that the history between Flair and Steamboat is more Legendary than the history between Flair and Austin, and I am sure Flair would induct both of them but I doubt Vince McMahon would allow that.

         All the wrestling fans around the world should hope that the rumors are true about Flair inducting Steamboat because other than Ric Flair nobody deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame more than Ricky Steamboat, I have said many times that in my honest opinion Ricky Steamboat is the 2nd Greatest Professional Wrestler Of All Time behind only Ric Flair. I could write five pages on this website about how great a wrestler Steamboat was and how great the matches were between him and Flair but I think most of you already know don't you?

         If that wouldn't big enough news I have more, Ric Flair recently confirmed in a interview with the "Houston Chronicle" that he would be at Wrestlemania 25. "Let's just say, I will be at Wrestlemania, and that's all I'm saying," Flair said.

         I would say that after all this news that it is a real exciting time to be a Ric Flair fan. I think that Ric Flair will be inducting Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat in the Hall Of Fame and then the night after at Wrestlemania we can look forward to seeing what the Naitch does when he invades Wrestlemania one year after he and Shawn Michaels had the most memorable match in Wrestlemania history.

         If and when WWE makes this news official I will confirm it right here on www.rfgolds.com .........Let's keep our fingers crossed Flair fans.......Thanks...

                                                                                                       Webmaster, David Matthews




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