The Naitch is going to Style and Profile in the United Kingdom, Read Below for details.

TNA President Dixie Carter announced that Ric Flair will be in London,England on Monday May 24th 2011 to make a major announcement concerning the upcoming TNA UK Tour. The event is being called the "2011 Maximum Impact III WOOOO Tour"  Check out the Cool Logo above.

My sources are telling me that Ric Flair is going to wrestle on this UK Tour and that the tour is going to be built around his name.This is a great idea by TNA because the U.S. ain't the only place that the "Naitch" is popular, he is very popular and respected in the United Kingdom as well.

This piece of news is very important because the TNA UK Tour will take place in January and February of 2011 and January 2011 is the exact month that Flair's one year contract with TNA expires so being that Flair is going to be a big part of this tour obviously means that "The Man" will be a part of TNA for longer then one year.....Thanks, Webmaster, David Matthews....



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