On Saturday October 25th 2008 at Schewels Furniture in Roanoke, Va. the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair made a appearance for a Autograph signing and Photograph session for his fans. Me along with two of my friends made the two and a half hour trip to see "the man" and I would like to share with you fans some of the pictures i took, the two people with Ric Flair in the pictures below are my two good buddies Joey Bowers and Iceman. Speaking of Joey Bowers i want to share with everybody that he loves the Oak Ridge Boys songs "Elvira" and "Bobby Sue"  Enjoy the pics below............Webmaster, David Matthews...........

Schewels Furniture Welcomes Ric Flair

Here i am with a very sweet lady - Ric Flair's agent Elaine Gillespie, for info on booking Ric for a appearance go to the "Book Flair For Appearances" page on this website. Here is the link -  http://www.rfgolds.com/bookflairforappearances.htm 

 Webmaster David with Ric's Agent Elaine Gillespie

Ric Flair signing a copy of his Autobiography


                           This is my Good Buddy "Iceman" with the Naitch!

My Good Friend Iceman with the Nature Boy


                           My other friend Joey Bowers with the Naitch!

 My good friend Joey is with Ric Flair but he is thinking about the Oak Ridge Boys Elvira and Bobby Sue  lol


Ric Flair signing a figure of himself for a young boy


Ric Flair signing a trading card of himself


Ric Flair is signing a lot of autographs these days


Elaine with Ric



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