From Ken
I think ric flair should quit wwe and go to tna. Why not? wwe has basically used flair to get a bunch jobbers over. Mostly people who don't even come close deserveing it. Flair still draws money and vince needs to get his head out of his ass and realize that. Ric should go to a organzation where he can be a WRESTLER not a sport entertainer!


From Holland
As a Flair fan for 28 years, I think WWE needs to give Flair the respect he is due and give him a major push and if he does decide to retire at Wrestlemania then they need to do what's right and give him the world title one last time. I bet they would have already done that for that loser Hulk Hogan. I do not watch Raw anymore, I read the Smackdown spoilers and if Flair is not going to be on I will not watch. WWE needs to be fair to Flair. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO


From Wally
Even at his advanced age, Flair is one of, if not THE, best workers the company has. I could never understand why some people continue to get pushed when not deserving it, while Ric Flair is jobbed out to anyone and everyone. Show the man the dignity he rightfully deserve's, he has earned it many time's over.


From Scott Skorupa
I feel Ric Flair should go to T.N.A.! All they care about is those d--- divas. T.N.A. at least shows more wrestling than a breast implant show! Vince Mcmahon does not care about what his fans want any more. All hail, T.N.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From Mike Anderson
I would love to see Ric Flair join TNA. That way, fans could be treated to another Sting vs. Flair classic. It would have been nice if he could have joined TNA while it was still affiliated with the NWA, since Flair has such a connection to that promotion. Undoubtedly, Flair would be used more constructively in TNA, and I think it would provide a ratings boost as well.


From Vass4life
Flair has done so much for the business of pro-wrestling. In the twilight if his career, he should get to enjoy one final push of his liking. If that is something the WWE can not do for him, then he should go to TNA where they probably would. They did it for Trish Stratus, why not one of the greatest of all times?


From headley
Even though he is getting older and his physique isn't as flattering as it once was, I still love watching Flair wrestle. If he isn't happy with the WWE, I would love to see him go over to TNA and perhaps manage a stable of New Horsemen to take over the organization. They could also build him up as a legit contender for the main event so he can finally, legitimately pass the torch to a new generation of wrestlers. Oh, and who would complain about another Flair vs Sting match?


From Dave
Regarding Ric Flair's future--i say good for him for giving notice!!! He made his own legend back during the territory days of wreslting, he surivived the meltdown of WCW and now he will lleave the chaotic, sinking ship that is WWE. Ric Flair has always been a self made legend and he doesnt need the WWE spotlight in order to ensure his place in wrestling history. If anything, at this point WWE probably needs him more than he needs them.

In my opinion, he should go to TNA, but not as a wrestler. As much as I hate to say this, I think that Flair's best days in the ring are behind him. Instead he should be put in the role of heel manager and help to mentor young up and coming talent. As a manager he could still be in in the spotlight that he loves as a confident and outspoken manager doing insane promos who is depicted as being the "brains" behind the rise of a stable of young stars. As a manager his body wouldn't have to take a beating in the ring and his career within the wrestling business could easily last for another 20 years or more!!


From John Dupont
One cannot blame Flair for his frustrations with the WWE. Over the last five-plus years, he's been one of the most reliable workers in the company. I'd hardly be surprised, however, if they do little to retain his services. He is, after all, the greatest remnant of the WCW days, and it's no secret that Vinnie Mac has done everything in his power to squash out that legacy. Seeing him job out to lower-mid-carders in curtain jerkers has been the biggest insult here. Now he's buried on Smackdown, with little hope of a push. Only the Hall of Fame or one last Wrestlemania match makes me hope for Flair to remain with the WWE. Otherwise, TNA would be a great choice -- good money, less time on the road, intriguing matchups and a change of scenery. Even at 58, Flair's still super-over with fans young and old, so it might give TNA a nice ratings boost, as well. I think the writing is on the wall here, so to say.


From L.D. Smith
Welcome to TNA Ric.


From Michael Bowman
I do not believe Ric Flair should return to the WWE. He should be upset by the way they use him. I give him his props, unlike Hulk Hogan, for elevating younger stars in matches. But unfortunately it has been happening a lot before he went from Raw to Smackdown which is a slap in his face. All of the other wrestlers on the roster has made that move from both programs except for one. I do not have to say his name because it should be obvious especially being it is the bosses son-in-law. If anything, Ric Flair should retire. He is the greatest of all time in the ring and on the mic. If he doesn’t, than he should go to TNA. It would rejuvenate his career by feuding with Sting like back in the good old days and it will give TNA a good push also.


From Matthew Lacey
Personally I think Ric should get the hell out of WWE. Vince will only use him to put other guys over, and to be able to use Ric’s name to Vince’s benefit. I just watched the latest DVD on the 4 Horsemen and it brought back all those memories of watching NWA wrestling on TBS. It also reminded me of how much of a HUGE badass The Nature Boy was. MAN could that guy give one hell of a promo. Every guy wanted to be Ric Flair, and every woman wanted to be WITH Ric Flair. I think TNA would be perfect so things can come full circle and the man can once again "walk that aisle" and be the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion. Ric Flair put so much prestige into that title. He made the NWA title seem so, shall I say it again, prestigious, and unattainable by any other wrestler alive. Give the Nature Boy we all want to see the chance to reign once again. Personally I think TNA can work some great feuds to where IF Ric retires he can be the 20 time World Heavyweight Champion. Let the young generations see what Ric Flair is all about. I’d pay money to see that.



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