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After nearly two months of maniacal pursuit by Ric Flair, and more than 12 years of deep-seeded personal hatred between the "Nature Boy" and Mick Foley, the two WWE legends finally met in an "I Quit" Match so bloody that neither man may ever be the same again. It was beginning to look as though both competitors might actually "bleed to death in Boston," as Flair had hoped for after accepting Foley’s challenge on RAW. When all was said and done, a seemingly possessed Flair finally forced a battered Foley to choke out the magic words, "I Quit."

Just before the match was set to begin, Foley met with his good friend Melina to discuss the upcoming match. He looked focused, but was also noticeably unnerved as he remarked that he had never seen Flair look so crazed as he was when he attacked Foley on ECW on Sci Fi. Perhaps the Hardcore Legend was, for the first time in his illustrious career, unprepared for the danger he was about to face.

As the match started, it appeared as though the "Nature Boy" was the one who should have been scared. Just moments after the bell signaled the start of the contest, Foley pulled out his old friend, Mr. Socko, and applied the Mandible Claw, warning Flair that if he didn’t quit now, he would suffer. The determined "Nature Boy" stood pat, and Foley reverted to what he knows best – hardcore brutality.

It wasn’t long before the ring was littered with barbed wire and stained with the blood of the two WWE legends, who tore each other open as the action became increasingly vicious. Flair was slammed in the face three times by a board covered in barbed wire – and that was before Foley’s trademark bag of thumbtacks made its inevitable appearance. Thousands of the tiny weapons were scattered across the crimson-spattered canvas, and as Foley continued his hideous assault, he could be heard shouting "You’re gonna suffer!"

Again and again Foley shoved the microphone in Flair’s face, seeking the coveted "I Quit," and each time the "Nature Boy" refused to yield. Flair was clearly in agony, suffering through a match that played right into the hands of his rival, and it seemed as though things could not possibly get worse for him as blood poured from all over his body.

The tide began to turn, however, when Flair was able to beat Foley down with a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat, ripping the Hardcore Legend open and turning the match into absolute bedlam. With Foley reeling, Flair screamed, "You quit or I’ll kill you right here!" As Foley stumbled to his feet, Flair charged, catapulting the Hardcore Legend over the top rope and onto a wayward trash can.

As Flair celebrated his crushing blow, Foley lay motionless in a crumpled, bloody heap at ringside. Melina quickly rushed to his side as trainers and medical personnel arrived to examine him. After being given word that Foley could no longer continue, the referee called for the bell to end the match, sending an already crazed Flair into an infuriated frenzy. "It’s not a ‘Lay Down On Your Ass Match," he barked, "it’s an ‘I Quit’ Match!"

It had become plainly clear that Ric Flair was now a man possessed. He continued his assault on a nearly unconscious Foley even after Melina tried desperately to quit on her good friend’s behalf by literally throwing in the towel. As her pleas continued to be ignored, Melina threw herself in front of Foley, putting her body on the line to try and put an end to the bloodshed.

But Flair had snapped; he made his charge with the barbed wire bat, apparently ready to strike the defenseless Melina. At that moment, Foley, perhaps afraid that he had no choice but to do so in order to save Melina, finally ended the insanity by groaning, "I Quit."

No one will begrudge Mick Foley any bit of his well-deserved nickname, "The Hardcore Legend," but tonight, the man who built a legendary WWE career around pushing himself to the bloodiest of limits may have fought his most vicious contest to date. Not only did both he and Flair attack each other with reckless abandon, but they did so with a personal score to settle. While neither Mick Foley nor Ric Flair bled to death in Boston, this "I Quit" match was a horrific free-for-all that left the canvas stained blood red and both men in a daze from which they might never emerge quite the same.


                            credit on the article below goes to andy steven

Mick Foley made his way down to the ring with a garbage can in hand, and this one is personal. Foley tossed the garbage can into the ring as Ric Flair made his entrance.

Foley nailed Flair with a series of right hands and forearms in the corner, and then hit the running knee to the head. Foley rammed the garbage can into the head of Flair and then pulled out socko. Foley shoved socko down the gullet of Ric Flair and then asks for the mic. Foley told Flair to say the little words or it will get a hell of a lot worse. Flair didn’t say anything, and Foley said he’s going to suffer. Foley wrapped barbwire around his right hand and went to nail Flair, but Flair grabbed Foley with the testicular claw. Flair nailed some right hands and then a low blow.

Flair continued to work Foley over in the corner and grabbed Socko with the barbwire, and chopped Foley with it. Flair knocked Foley to the outside. Flair followed out, sending Foley knee first into the ring steps. Foley came back with a right hand, and then pulled a barbwire board from under the ring and cracked Flair right in the head with it. Flair is busted wide open. Foley sent Flair back into the ring and nailed him with the barbwire socko. Foley raked the barbwire into the face of Flair, and then choked him with his boot over the bottom rope, and Flair is a bloody mess. Foley grabbed the barbwire board again, and tossed it right at Ric Flair. Foley hit a running elbow with the board onto the prone body of Flair. Foley has the mic and tells Flair to tell him what he wants to hear. Flair told Foley to kiss his ass. Foley nailed Flair with the microphone and then pulled out a bag of thumbtacks.

Foley scattered the thumbtacks over the canvas, and then hammered away at Flair some more, before slamming Flair right onto the thumbtacks, and Flair is covered in them. Foley asks Flair if he quits again. This is brutal as Hell. Foley goes to the outside and looked under the ring, and pulled out the baseball bat wrapped in barbwire. Foley raked the bat into the face of Flair, and Flair screamed in pain, but managed to score with a low blow. Flair tossed Foley shoulder first into the ring post and he has the baseball bat with it, and nailed Foley in the arm with it, and then the head. Flair hit some right hands and dropped Foley. Flair bit the forehead of Foley and then asks if he wanted to quit, and Foley wouldn’t. Flair said he will tear out Foley’s heart. Flair gave Foley another low blow and then rammed him with the barbwire bat off the apron and onto the trash can at ringside. The referee is calling for some help for Foley. Melina then hit the ring to check on Foley. The trainer said Foley is done.
Flair grabbed the mic and said this is an I Quit Match not a Last Man Standing Match, and went after Foley, and tossed him back into the ring. Flair raked the barbwire bat into the face of Foley and Flair is going crazy. Melina is crying on the outside. Flair asked Foley if he’d had enough yet, and Foley didn’t respond. Flair drove the barbwire into the eye of Foley and Melina threw in the towel. Melina said he quits and to stop it. Flair gave Foley another low blow and Flair said that she does not quit for him, and to get out of the way. Flair grabbed the barbwire bat and he was going to hit Melina with it, and Foley said I Quit to stop him from hitting her.

                                                 Winner - Ric Flair








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