On Monday April 6th 2009 "One Of The Greatest Basketball Teams Ever" and "Without a doubt the Greatest ACC Basketball Team Of All Time "The North Carolina Tar Heels" Won their 6th National Championship by defeating Michigan State 89-72. We here at Rfgolds.Com Salute Ric Flair's Favorite basketball team the National Champion Tar Heels with this tribute page.

On a Personal note how does it feel IceMan to know that the Duke Blue Devils failed in their quest to win the National Title and that UNC has won more National Titles then Duke Has?? IceMan you know you are my buddy and you knew that I would get you back for that phone call you sent me recently...You know what they say about Payback right Iceman?? LOL..Woooooo

          Tar Heel Legends Vince Carter,Antawn Jamison and Co. Enjoying the Game.


 The "Greatest Basketball Player Of All Time" Michael Jordan Clapping for his Tar Heels


                           The National Champions Again.....Woooooooooo!!!!!               


                    The Greatest Scorer in ACC History Tyler Hansbrough.......

                             Roy Williams Cutting Down The Net

                                      The Trophy Says It all.....